lets go OUTDOORS

We like to be active and we like to get back to basics. Fire. Camping. Food. Friends. There is consistently good evidence that programmes based on engagement with nature are effective in improving self-esteem and mood. 

Men are often found to prefer direct, practical and easily understood instructions that are demonstrably ‘solution-focused’.

Our team offer direct, practical and easily understood tools for the men to take away that are ‘solution-focused’ and generate curiosity for continued success.


We take men to our 18 acre woodland, in the heart of East Sussex, to participate in activities that stimulate mental and physical fitness.

Located near the historic town of Lewes, thirty minutes from Brighton, forty-five minutes from Gatwick and just over an hour from central London.

Simply, perfect.

​73.68% of our men have felt an improved physical fitness (and that’s over a virtual format!)