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igniting curiosity

Ollie Martin, founder and director, has an extensive and exciting background in the police force and the wider public sector. Off the back of a series of events at home, work and in health he wanted to reignite the fire in his belly that existed before careers, before children and before life’s reasonability’s had taken over.

He has manifested the space, knowledge and tools through his own journey of self-discovery into creating Get Curious.

Now he thrives on encouraging men to take their own journeys of curiosity towards a life that delivers more for themselves and those around them.


igniting curiosity

Such a simple question, so very difficult for many of us to answer.


As a solution, we need to start asking questions of ourselves to recognise what it is that impacts our moods.


When are you at your best? When are you at your worst?


This curiosity creates motivation and drive in the direction we want to move in.


We can get derailed and lose focus, so it is important to remain self-aware, remain curious.

what makes you happy?


The six most important words for you to remember: what, where, when, who, why, how. Keep asking yourself these words.

speaking the truth