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Hi! I am Jamie, the Owner and Head Coach of Bath Kettlebell Training. I want to share a quick story with you.

Eight years ago I was 18st, a smoker and a heavy drinker. My nutrition was awful. I could eat a large Domino Meat Feast Pizza, Chicken Strippers and large bottle of coke to myself. Most of my food was fried, takeaways, crisps you name it. I had it!!

I would go to the gym and try to lose weight, do a few reps of this n that, then walk out, not really achieving anything. Never lost weight. How many times did I say to myself ‘start again on Monday’!!!

Then one day I had finally had enough, I took the plunge and joined Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp. I lost 14.3lbs in 4 weeks!!! It was amazing. Finally I had found something that worked for me. Each month I would sign up and see better results time after time.

This inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, specialising in Kettlebell Training and Indoor Cycling.

Jamie has been an active memeber of Get Curious for 12 months and now provides online cooking shows and workouts!


Jamie and his gang have a weekly get together

The community at Bath Kettlebell Boot Camp come together and follow Jamie along as he cooks. It's a chance to mingle, have a laugh and perhaps learn a new recipe or two! 

Join in and you may even take up the online kettlebell training sessions!? 

All part in keeping you happy and healthy.

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A Man Preparing a Salad
Strong Man

kettlebell training

Jamie shares some of his online kettlebell training


Create space and time for yourself to get in the mix! This community is open to all and unassuming. Follow a few of these videos alone, and if you wish to get involved some more, then I am sure Jamie and his community will welcome you in.

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Have a natter whilst banging out an
awesome home cooked meal!