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tim briggs - wdn

Tim Briggs is the owner of We Dominate Nutrition, a health and lifestyle coaching platform which transforms, builds and solidifies key nutritional habits for the long term.


They believe that nutrition is the foundation for life and wellness and want to provide you with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle- through coaching, education and support.


A team which will invest in you every step of the way!

Tim has been engaging Get Curious for over 12 months and now provides material to support or community.

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WDN have shared their blog articles for our Get Curious readers.


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Various nutrition and coaching programmes available 


Each plan is unique to you, your lifestyle, your needs and your goals – whatever they may be. We individually tailor every plan, periodising around your programming, working patterns and any specifics you have. Our plans are based around performance, recovery, health and longevity which in turn achieve real, sustainable, life changing results.

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