Ollie martin


Ollie Martin, founder and director, has an extensive and exciting background in the police force and the wider public sector. Off the back of a series of events at home, work and in health he wanted to reignite the fire in his belly that existed before careers, before children and before life’s reasonability’s had taken over.

He has manifested the tools, experiences and lessons he has learned in his own journey of self-discovery into creating Get Curious.

Now he thrives on encouraging men to take their own journeys of curiosity towards a life that delivers more for themselves and those around them.

Paul reeve


Paul is the owner of Sky Blue Adventures, a company he started in 2012 and an experienced mountaineer who holds the UK Summer Mountain Leader Award.


At present Paul is also an Aspirant International Mountain Leader and  began the training scheme in 2017.

He has been an active hill walker, backpacker and mountain biker for the past 30 years and has walked and led expeditions  in various parts of  the world including UK, Ireland, Norway, The Alps, Morocco, Tanzania, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Nepal, Borneo and Japan.

Together, Sky Blue and Get Curious deliver escapes for our members.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright.png

Matt is a supply chain professional with a passion for people and productivity. Personal experience of emotional struggles and a significant life changing moment with the loss of a very close friend due to depression and addiction.


“I’m like a dog with a bone”

Matt takes an active role in networking for Get Curious and representing us at business events.

joss heenehan

Joss Heenehan.jpeg

Throughout his childhood and early adult life Joss suffered severely with OCD, Pure O, Agoraphobia, Derealisation and Depersonalisation. He had been down every path of therapy and medication that he had been offered, doing hours of research and making very little progress. Not only was this hugely expensive but it also only gave him the ability to manage his struggles in the very short term. He knew there had to be a way out of the torturous existence he was living on a daily basis. Having hit rock bottom, he found Charles Linden and his story. 

He has now been fully recovered for four years and has done more than he ever thought possible; travelled, a home with his beautiful girlfriend, and bringing his first child into the world. All of this he previously thought he was not be deserving of. Now he is passionate about moving forward whilst showing and inspiring everyone who is currently suffering, that they can and will recover. 

Joss has been a member of Get Curious for 12 months and now a fully accredited and licenced Anxiety Recovery Coach. 


scott webb.png

Scott is a retired Police Constable and significant patron of the #GetCurious999 peer support group. He shows fantastic courage when talking about his own challenges at home, work and in his health, which demonstrates a level of vulnerability many a man can learn from. A true ‘fire-in-the-belly’ of Get Curious, constantly reaching-in to help others.

Scott takes an active role in facilitating a number of #GetCurious999 peer support groups.


sam cotton.png

Sam is a qualified CrossFit coach and a student, studying sport and exercise science at the University of Brighton. He is passionate about physical fitness and bettering himself and others around him daily. From witnessing him compete, it is clear he has a good handle of his mental fitness too.

Sam takes an active role in creating fitness programmes for our patrons to thrive at home, work and in health.


Jason Moody.png

Jason is an ex-serving Police Constable and an ‘eagle-eye’ within our #GetCurious999 peer-support groups. He has great empathy and an appreciation for life, practicing gratitude daily so he stays present and fully appreciative of all the greatness there is in his life. That at times is not easy as Jason deals with his own challenges, but he shares this with the men and it is clear we can all learn from him.

Jason takes an active role in facilitating a number of #GetCurious999 peer support groups.

jamie hodge


Hi! I am Jamie, the Owner and Head Coach of Bath Kettlebell Training. I want to share a quick story with you.

Eight years ago I was 18st, a smoker and a heavy drinker. My nutrition was awful. I could eat a large Domino Meat Feast Pizza, Chicken Strippers and large bottle of coke to myself. Most of my food was fried, takeaways, crisps you name it. I had it!!

I would go to the gym and try to lose weight, do a few reps of this n that, then walk out, not really achieving anything. Never lost weight. How many times did I say to myself ‘start again on Monday’!!!

Then one day I had finally had enough, I took the plunge and joined Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp. I lost 14.3lbs in 4 weeks!!! It was amazing. Finally I had found something that worked for me. Each month I would sign up and see better results time after time.

This inspired me to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, specialising in Kettlebell Training and Indoor Cycling.

Jamie has been an active memeber of Get Curious for 12 months and now provides online cooking shows and workouts!