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jon morgan

From his high-intensity fat-burning classes to his Award-Winning Health & Wellness Centre, to the creation of his unique health transformation program – Project YOU,


Jon has an insatiable appetite to empower others and create powerful solutions for lifelong change. For over 2 decades, Jon’s methods have evolved into a result’s based, holistic approach, which has allowed him the privilege of working with so many courageous people.


Jon has witnessed first-hand the agonising pain and distress so many deal with regarding their weight-related issues, mental health and medical conditions. Provide an open mind and a genuine desire for change and Jon will provide the tools, lifestyle solutions, a stable plan and unrivalled support.

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Jon has shared some videos to ignite the fire in your belly for exercise, you can start in the front room!

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Various coaching programmes available 

Online training is fast becoming a new normal for the fitness industry and with this change in direction comes a necessity to work with qualified, experienced and technology capable trainers who will enable clients to get the results they need remotely.  It is not as simple as jumping up and down in front of a camera, hoping the person will follow, personal training or being coached, particularly online, is much more sophisticated than that


Train in a variety of locations convenient to you, your work and your schedule.  Sessions are completed using either Whatsapp Video©, Zoom® or Skype®.

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